Water Festival 2023

Woonsocket Water Festival 2023

“Video Games"

“Power-UP the Fun!”

Fourth of July Weekend Schedule of Events

Saturday, July 1st


8:00 am                   "Sonic" 5K Run for Fun

 Contact Rex Schlicht to pre-register for T-shirts (354-0498)

       1:00-7:00 pm         Open Swimming - Music by the Pool
                                          Teno Taco Food Vendor   
                                          Class Reunions throught the day

                                          B&K Concessions

        1:00 - 4:00 pm       Water Golf - sponsored by St. Wilfrid's KC's

        1:00 - 5:00 pm       "Grand Theft Auto" Car Show  (Registration 11 am - 1 pm east of school)

                                                      *Awards for Class, Best of Show and People's Choice

                                                      *Information     **    Classes

                                                      *$15 per entry or $25 for multiple entries

                                                      *Awards at 5:30 pm

                                                      *Stock & Modified Class available

                                                       Sponsored by Skeeters Bar & Grill

        2:00 pm                     "Mario Kart Demo" Kids Demolition Derby - Rules & Guidelines

  • Power wheels demo derby  
  • There will be prizes and it's guaranteed to be lots of fun! More details to come.
  • Contact Casey Hjelm at 203-1377 or Cassie Lindsey at 933-0402


        5:00 - 6:00 pm        "Pac-Man" Cook-Off Finals and Feed - Contact Jeff Hotchkiss (350-7276) - Information

        8:00 - 10:00 pm      Kids Movie Night - Woonsocket School Gym

                                                       *Movie showing: Monsters, Inc!

                                                       *Popcorn will be available. Bring your own drinks (no cans please and non-alcoholic)

                                                       *Bring your own chairs or blankets, and be ready for a fun movie night with the kids (or grandkids!).


Sunday, July 2nd


9:00 am                      St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Church Mass
9:00 am                      Spirit of Faith Worship Service on Island

9:00-11:30 am         St. Wilfrid's Church Pancake Feed - St. Wilfrid's Church Basement

9:00 am - Noon        "Bass Master" Fishing Derby for Kids - Lake Prior

                                                   Ages 0 to 14. Age divisions are 0 to 5, 6 to 9, 11 to 14
                                                   Several categories—biggest fish, smallest fish, most unique, catch of the day
                                                   Contact Shelley Schlicht 605.354.4231 

Noon - 6:00 pm        Open Swimming - Music by the Pool - Teno Taco Food Vendor - B&K Concessions

12:30 pm                       "Super Mario Bros" Bean Bag Tourney - Information!
                                                    Sponsored by Legion Post 29 
Contact Paula Linke 605.350.2813
Registration Link! 

1:00 - 4:00 pm        Water Golf sponsored by St. Wilfrid's KC's
5:30-6:30 pm           Calcutta Auction - Bidding of the 4-man Pig Wrestling Teams - West Side of Tennis Courts
6:30 pm                     "Angry Birds" Pig Wrestling Contest - May search for info on Facebook page 
   Contact Steve Larson 605.770.9818

  • Location - just west of the tennis courts along the RR tracks
  • Cost this year is $40/team and you can pay the day of the event.
  • Each team member will have to sign a liability release waiver form
  • All team registrations are due to Steve by July 2nd at 3 p.m.
  • Send a text to Steve @ 605-770-9818 with your team name, team members with the age of each person
  • Divisions are kids 8-12 , 14-17, 18-39, and 40 and over and a womens division (will separate women's teams if needed)
    • To make it fair for the calcutta auction, if your group has 3 over 40 age and 1 that is 18-39 age then you will be put in the 18-
      39 division
  • All proceeds from the registration fees will go to the fireworks
  • The calcutta will start at 5:30 pm on July 2nd at the pig wrestling site by the tennis courts.
  • 50% of the calcutta money will be paid back to the winning bidder and 50% will go to the Water Festival Committee for
    4th of July festivity expenses
    • This will make it easier to know how many pigs we need to have prior to wrestling day and help to have the divisions figured out for the calcutta
  • Shoes are highly recommended!


Monday, July 3rd


       1:00 - 7:00 pm          Open Swimming

        Noon                           Dakotaland "Pokemon Go" Scavenger Hunt & Meal- Meal & Clues by Pool

                                                         *Dakotaland will be serving walking tacos by the pool

                                                         *Families and/or kids can do scavenger hunt together. All items can be found around lake.

                                                                Turn in by 4 pm at Dakotaland Federal Credit Union inside Woony Foods for a chance to win prizes.
        5:00 pm                      Alumni Social Hour - Community Center
        6:00 pm                      All School Alumni Banquet - Community Center
Contact Leora Christian or get tickets at Express Stop for $15 each

        7:00 pm                      Women's & Men's Alumni Legends Basketball Game - Woonsocket Gym

                                                       For more information contact Jalen Larson (933-2099)

     Tuesday, July 4th


       11:00 am                    Parade (Video Games) - Registration 9:00 - 10:55 am by city office (Sarah Senska 605.350.0100)

12:00 pm                    FFA BBQ Fundraiser - Woonsocket School
12:00 - 6:00 pm        Open Swimming - Music by the Pool - Teno Taco Food Vendor - B&K Concessions                            
1:00 pm                       "Bowsers" Turtle Races
1:00 - 4:00 pm           Camp Critters "Centipede" Wagon Train

1:00 - 4:00 pm           Water Golf - sponsored by St. Wilfrid's KC's
1:30 pm                       "Donkey Kong" Volleyball Tourney 
                                                 Contact Tricia Boschee (605.661.5917) - please text your team name in advance 

                                                Sponsored by Santel Communications

  • 6 players- 3 females 3 males. No blocking the serve. Blocking is allowed-no hitting the net.
  • A player can return the ball with one hit; if not returned in one hit the ball must be hit by each gender.
  • Two or three sets played per match.
  • We will be doing set 1 and 2 to 15 and 3rd set to 10. Double elimination depending on amount of teams. Might be single depending on teams.
  • You can only play for one team.
  • Coin toss to determine side of court before each match.

2:00 pm                       Firemen's Challenge - West Side of Lake - Kids will be able to participate after Firemen       

2:00 -4:00 pm            Water Tricycle Races - Sponsored by CreativeWEB Apparel             
3:30 pm                       "NBA Jam" 3 on 3 Jamball Tourney - Sponsored by DakPak
10:00 pm or Dark      "Space Invaders" Fireworks Display on the Lake

                                                     Sponsored by Woonsocket Water Festival

                                                     Detonated by Wide Awake Hose Co

July 22nd - "Rally Racing" Woonsocket Mudrun Fundraiser