Community Improvements/Projects

The City of Woonsocket is continually working on improvements to the community.  Here are some of the past projects, as well as celebrations for Woonsocket.
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A theater addition was added in 2017 to the north end of the existing Woonsocket Community Center. The new addition includes a stage with lighting and sound systems, dressing rooms, a storage room and restrooms.  The $120,000 project was funded by generous private donations and monetary commitments from Woonsocket School and the City of Woonsocket.

Would you like to give a memorial to the community of Woonsocket in memory or honor of a loved one?  We have options for giving including a bathhouse tile, a picnic table, a bench.      (area under construction)

In July, 2008, Woonsocket celebrated its Quasicentennial or 125th!  This logo was designed for Woonsocket's 125th Celebration by Margaret Schmidt.  


In 2006, the Woonsocket School District built a new high school.  The high school connects with the gym, library, and fitness center.  


The City of Woonsocket and the Woonsocket School District joined forces to build a combined public and school library, and fitness center, which is connected to the Woonsocket High School and the National Guard Armory and opened in December 2004.  The building contains a 3,200 square foot school/community library and media center, as well as a fitness center.  The fitness center is filled with treadmills, an assortment of bikes, a stair climber, a universal weight machine and various other free weights and machines.  This is just one of the many ways our community is investing in its future. 

The City of Woonsocket completed a community improvement project for the swimming area at Lake Prior in 2005. The renovations include a filtrated concrete swimming area, triple flume water slide, a kiddy slide and new playground equipment.  A new bathhouse was completed in summer 2007.  A walkway is completed around the lake, which leads to an island that features a gazebo.  


A fund drive was established at First National Bank South Dakota to raise money for a “Floating Fountain,” which replicates the World’s Largest Artesian Well” of the past.  The Floating Fountain is installed and working.  (area under construction)

The old railroad depot building has been moved by Lake Prior.  The plan is to renovate the building and make it a museum.  See pictures:  Depot Project  (area under construction)