Community Center

The Community Center was built as a result of the team effort of community residents and the City of Woonsocket, and was funded by community donations.  The Center is available for rent for community meetings and functions by contacting Luci at 605-796-4431.  The schedule is online here.

    City Parks

Woonsocket has two city parks.  One is located on the west side of Lake Prior by the pool and has swingsets, a firetruck slide, a big slide playset, and a merry-go-round.  The other is located across from the baseball and softball field and has swingsets and slides.  The tennis courts are located here.  Picnics can be enjoyed at both.

    Lake Prior

Lake Prior is a beautiful lake with an island connected to the main land by a bridge, a new filtrated concrete swimming area, triple flume water slide, a kiddy slide and new playground equipment.  A new walkway was completed around the lake, and a gazebo sits on the island.  The lake is also home to a pair of beautiful swans.  Summers around the lake can be spent swimming, fishing, or using the recreational facilities that are available.  The annual 4th of July festivities are centered around the lake.

    Woonsocket Camping

Woonsocket has camping spots with electrical outlets, water and sewer facilities.  They are located on the north side of Lake Prior as well as east of the lake across the railroad tracks.

    Summer Recreation

Woonsocket offers a variety of summer activities including baseball, softball, golfing, and tennis.  Baseball is available for boys ages 6-12 and softball is offered to girls ages 6-16.  

    Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes are two lakes that are partially divided by a jutting peninsula.  Locals have built cabins along the east side of the lakes and spend most of their summer vacation enjoying their home-away-from-home.  At Twin Lakes you can enjoy camping, swimming, fishing, and boating. 

    James River

The James River is located nine miles east of Woonsocket near Forestburg.  Many days of fishing can be spent there.

    Missouri River

The Missouri River at Ft. Thompson is approximately one hour west of Woonsocket.